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The Stars Will Aid In Her Escape.

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Name:Princess Luna

All icons created by umberon9 & spoonka.

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adoration, apple.gif, avoiding strange relatives, avoiding weird guys, bats, being a princess, bobbing for apples, bronies, cakes, ceremonies, chariots, dance parties, did we say fun, equestria, festivals, flying, foreign customs, foreveralone, fun, games, green cheesecake from the moon, having fun, learning, love, lunar lakes, magic, making a grand entrance, making friends, moon, moondust, moonlight, new lunar republic, nightmare night, nighttime eternal, outdated protocol, parties, princess celestia, raising the moon, royal canterlot voice, ruling, sleeping during the day, sleepovers in which nopony sleeps, spiders, stargazing, staying up late, tea, teaching, telescopes, thunderstorms, traditions, we are not a horse, wedding receptions
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